Friday, December 12, 2008

Days 10 11 & 12 till C-Day: How the Grinch Stole Next Week

FAIL. T_____T
I missed three days.
Jeez. Was I
that busy?
*sigh* Anywho...
Those three days were same old, same old. Except Thursday, when I helped with the Christmas concert. That was fun. Unlike Chamber Night.
And now, it's FRIIDAY. I remember
before highschool...when I had nothing to worry about during the weekend before the last week till Christmas Break. I'd look forward to the movies we'd watch (even in French, I really don't care), and the songs we'd sing, and things we'd eat. I miss that. Now, I'm stressing head over heels with the science praticals, plus tons more assignments due this week and the week after the break.
GAR. No holiday spirit. In the next four years. From the teachers anyway. Except my Phys-Ed. and English teacher, they're awsome...although making assignments due after the break? I think I have an assignment for every subject due after the break...
What's in the science practicals...I have to write an essay >_>. Plus all those lab things we must creating our
own lab and proposal.
I think I'm going to break down verrh soon.

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