Monday, May 29, 2017

Everlane Review | The Form Crossover Sandal

As a long-time subscriber, first-time buyer, to the transparent but high-quality retail brand Everlane, I decided to give their newest Form sandals a shot, after reading what looks like every Startup and Kickstarter's campaign of a minimalist product. What does differ Everlane from other smaller and online-based retailers is being open and transparent on how they are manufactured.
In the case on these sandals, they are made in Italy.
This product stood out to me, starting with the Email Subject Name they opted for to advertise these: Give Your Cork Sandals a Break. 
Ah yes, the infamous Birkenstocks. While comfortable, and take time to break to, they are a staple go-to for many consumers. Myself, once upon a time, included.
However, the cork showed wear much sooner than expected, and I had to retire the show after just over three years.
Via their website, here's what they claim about these sandals that surpass any cork-based sandals:
Our Form Sandals are designed with a sole that’s already formed to your foot.It’s kind of like we broke them in—so you don’t have to.Made with soft Italian leather so it improves with wear, andengineered contouring (quite the buzzword!)
They also sweetened the deal by adding a free unknown French nailpolish brand for the first 1000 orders. Why not?

The package arrived a little under two weeks since my purchase. Upon opening the box, I found a beautifully packaged grey show box. Upon lifting the lid I found a Thank You card (two in fact), my shipping manifest, a card specifying the free nail polish I got, and both the sandals and nail polish carefully packaged.

I forget if I had a choice on the nail colour, but I love the bright red and how it will look with these sandals.

As for the sandals...

They are not as milennial pink as I expected. More nude, but I am ok with it...for now. It could be the lighting. 

Upon trying them on, they are very comfortable and as claimed, no need for breaking in. As I slip them on and walk around, I can already tell these will be my go-to summer sandal.

As other reviewers noted, there is a sticker place on the back to prevent the sandals from getting scuffed while shipping. While this is considerate, the sticker is hard to remove and leaves a tiny bit of residue. One could argue that I don't know how to peel off stickers well, but if many other people were annoyed enough by this to leave a review about it, it can't just be me.

Speaking of the bottom, the bottom of the sandals feel very soft as well. I am a bit anxious of the wear that will happen to the bottom of these sandals but I'll just have to find out as I continue wearing them in the long-run.

I haven't done a review like this in a very long time. Perhaps with my upcoming JapanCrate I'll do another review. Maybe, maybe a video.

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