Sunday, August 02, 2015

Grand Opening: Neo Coffee Bar - FREE Small Coffee

Short post (#sorrynotsorry) but today's the grand opening of Neo Coffee Bar and to celebrate their opening, they're giving customers free coffee!

Neo Coffee Bar is a Japanese-esque cafe that has all the kinds of espresso and latte you need (AND coffee) with Japanese desserts like cream puffs and cake rolls!

Unfortunately, I forgot to take photos of the food, but I ordered a pistachio and raspberry cake roll and had a black coffee to complement the sweet dessert.

For starters, it wasn't as sweet as expected. As a lover for raspberries and pistachios, I found it light but sweet. They serve many kinds of cake rolls, including their classic which is matcha and cream.

The coffee was great too! If I was a George Brown or just living/working around King and Sherbourne, I would frequent here a lot more! They also have a stamp card!

Be sure to stop by before 5 pm today to get four complimentary free coffee!

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