Monday, June 15, 2015

#PayPalitTO Series | Eating & Drinking For Free in Toronto [Using PayPal] - Episode 5: The Coffee Bar Inc & Atlas Coffee

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This episode/post of the #PayPalitTO series revolves around coffee places/cafes I've never gone to before that had the $5-10 vouchers. I would never venture this far west of Toronto just for coffee but having this voucher + some time off allowed me to check out these places.

By the way, every coffee place I've mentioned has free wifi. It seems to be a given, however I have been to establishments (cough MOONBEAN cough) that do not have free wifi.

The Coffee Bar Inc

The Coffee Bar will definitely be swarming with tourists by the time the Panam Games occur (most likely) located by Front and Spadina. While judging its Papyrus typeface, this place boasts ample space (2 floors), relatively dark, yet cooling as you enter.
It seems to have an affiliation with Australia (well, most of the baristas here have Australian accents) and have a partnership with Kanga and sell Aussie meat pies as well. Some business people were there and a few other individuals. It was around noon when I went so I didn't expect a crowd of sorts (like some places..)

I ordered a cheddar and bacon scone and an iced coffee. Pretty good, but not my absolute favourite iced coffee. Maybe their regular kind of coffee is better.

✎-------------------------------------------------------------------Overall Verdict--------------------------------------------------------------------

- Great service
- Great atmosphere/space
- Nice front patio
- Perfectly located by the CN Tower, Ripley's Aquarium, anything touristy

- OK iced coffee (maybe even regular coffee)

Fun fact: apparently The Coffee Bar posts questions online that you can answer for free drinks/prizes if you like them on Facebook.

Atlas Espresso Bar

 I was a little disorientated at first when I approached this sign. I go back to this sign noticing the arrow...*facepalm*

Atlas is the furthest south-west I've gone for coffee (the absolute furthest being RSquared I'd imagine when speaking distance). I entered to a dead silent coffee espresso house with immediate greetings from a barista whose unique and apparently nickname I'll forget. He was very kind and made an awesome recommendation: iced coffee. In fact, I recall seeing some item (some sort of lemonade obviously) that looked interested but sadly, I already ordered and never used my other $5.00 voucher there after this visit. Whenever I'm around that area though, I'll go back and try it. 
I know, I know, iced coffee again? Without even showing it? Well, I felt awkward taking photos of the space though they would've completely understood (most likely...I'd like to think so..). I had it with milk this time, something I usually don't do and this iced coffee blew me out of the water. I'd say it was the best iced coffee I've ever had. 
I'd definitely come back here, but sadly, this is too far for me to venture out to (then again, you're reading this from a person who finds a five minute walk to Jimmy's on Gerrard too much of a venture).
By the way, they are also hiring other servers/baristas so be sure (if you want to) to drop off your resume to them in person. (I did........).

✎-------------------------------------------------------------------Overall Verdict--------------------------------------------------------------------

- Excellent service
- Great atmosphere/space
- Great iced coffee
- Great space to work in*
- Too far out (not just for myself, in general-ish) as it's right by Front and Bathurst. I could be wrong, but venturing down there, well, there wasn't much else around. 

*Didn't check for any outlets sadly but I'm 90% sure they do have them + free wifi

& There you have it! I didn't check out every place listed on #PayPalitTO. There were postcard-like flyers at RSquared that listed all of them and included a map of all the locations. However, today yesterday aka June 14 was the last day of the second $5.00 voucher provided by PayPal.


I hope you enjoyed my posts. Please leave any feedback/praise/criticism you have for this series and feel free to check out my other posts too. 
Now, I can finally rest in peace after finishing OITNB these posts.

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  1. I visited Toronto years ago and absolutely loved it! I've got a great food-list on my blog!

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