Sunday, June 14, 2015

Free Lush Cleanser! (For a Limited Time)

I'd go on about their whole campaign about microbeads OR project my laziness and direct you to their website.

I heard about their deal of trading any cleanser you have that contains microbeads for their Angels on Bare Skin cleanser by a friend (who heard it from here).
Unfortunately, I posted this a little too late (as this deal ended June 8) but I've never tried this cleanser before from Lush (usually using Herbalism, although I'm sick of it now and Fresh Farmacymy favourite).
Would be beat Fresh Farmacy? Well..
Scent-wise, you immediately get a whiff of lavender, and something else, but I can't put my tongue nose on it..
Like Herbalism, it's very dry, kind of like dry soil. AKA very...nature..ous.

To use this properly, you take a chunk (a "dime-sized amount" according to the Lush corporation), and mix it with a bit of water to form a paste. Then you massage it on your face, wash it off, and beepity-boppity-boop, you're done!
It's a little time consuming, but it's au-natural & free, so why not?

ETA Here's the video on the whole microbead/plastic issue. I cannot for the life of me embed youtube videos without it looking like $##$% so I thought best to leave it as link unfortunately.

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