Monday, June 15, 2015

Design Exchange: Panam Games Mobile Game + Podcasts I Listen to While I Intern

I've been offered an internship position commissioned to work on an HTML5 game based around Design Exchange's Panam exhibit that'll be featured in the Distillery District.
I realize I have a bad habit of not documenting my process work so I thought I'd continue with this work. That, and seeing people put up their school assignments, which I did well in, though with games, I want to work on them more, hell, redo them entirely.
That will be my goal then. Redo my shitty imo assignments.
Here are some of my progression shots of the character I've been working on.

Original character concepts and animation sprites. 
From the various feedback we got from our client, this character won (and shows some obvious inspiration...) and since this exhibition is showcasing sports textiles. The background art (which I'll eventually show...someday..) focuses on cut-out images of Canadian landmarks and Toronto landmarks. I'd like to think it's looking pretty good so far.
Now, onto animation....
I have the opportunity to work with two monitors (a pleasure I do not have at my own place), but while I work I enjoy listening to podcasts (sometimes more than Spotify).
Some of the podcasts I've been listening to while art-ing:

The Truth Podcast
I've been obsessing over this one lately. Since a friend of mine recommended it, I've been hooked by the various stories told, narration, sound effects and the voice actors involved in this production. They last between 10-20 minute on average.

Welcome To The Nightvale
I'd be surprised if you were a Tumblr user and have never heard of this podcast. I usually wouldn't look (or should I say listen) twice when seeing Nightvale on my dashboard, however after an interview with the creator of the show on CBC I wanted to check it out. From what I've heard, it kind of falls flat as it progresses but so far (since I'm only on the forth episode) I've been enjoying it. It's got that old time radio feel (think War of the Worlds) with the kookiness of Supernatural. Maybe that's a terrible example but that + his voice makes me want more.

Another, and probably the most popular on this list, is This American Life's spin-off series, recommended by a former professor of mine. Season 1 follows the case of Adnaan Sayeed, who was accused and sentenced for life in prison for murdering his ex-girlfriend. The way this is presented and investigated is thrilling to follow and realize how f#$%#$d up the trail was and how its case was handled initially. There are various parodies of this which apparently make fun of the host's and producer's constant self-doubt on whether Sayeed is innocent or not, but I find that it gives more of a human quality to each episode. Season two, which is focusing on an entirely new case/story, is coming out September 2015.

This American Life
The Mecca of podcasts (I kid) that I think(?) is part of NPR (the true Mecca of podcasts, I know). I haven't listened to many episodes from them. This was recommended by a family friend, whom I told to check out Serial (myself not having explored This American Life yet). One episode I recommend is The Ghost of Bobby Dunbar.

The Talk Pit
This is by a friend of mine (& his friends). He is also the one that recommended The Truth podcast to me (shoutout!). Supposedly, they're all on a plane; some are pilots, one's a steward (the guy I know actually), and one's supposedly a father figure.
It's 99% improv (100% just looks off anyway). It's a bit disorganized, but that gives it candidness. The annoying them in my opinion is how it ends abruptly. Sometimes it's due to technical issues. Otherwise, it's hilarious and I catch myself laughing out loud chuckling to myself.

There you have it! I never thought I'd be so sucked into podcasts. The very first one I ever listened to was Pottercast (lol) and later on (and sometimes currently) CBC's podcasts. My favourite ones are The Current, Vinyl Cafe, As It Happens and The Debaters

ETA I used to listen to the Q, but you know, with Jian Ghomeshi & all..


  1. Love these designs! They're so fun.

    Connie | Sponsored by Coffee | Etsy

    1. Thank you! Hopefully I'll have my final character ready in a few weeks :)

  2. your characters look great