Saturday, February 06, 2010

Shell Shock.

Can't Get a Yeah Yeah Yeahs outta me head. >.>
And I absolutely love Karen O's outfit in Heads Will Roll. Clear cellophane over her outfit is definitely an awesome image.
I also managed to check out An Education. For once, I am impressed with a movie that is nominated for an Oscar. Besides Avatar
And Up in The Air, and Precious, of course.
I absolutely loved the screenplay and direction of the film. Carey Mulligan's performance was stellar. The "Audrey Hepburn" look really suited her,
though there was no mention of her having the Hepburn-esque look about her, but rather being a "Minnie Mouse". Huh.

In addition to movies, I had witnessed the worst foreshadowing yet. Choosing my courses for IB. Yes, it's scary. Only because choosing your IB courses
pretty much decides what the hell you want to do when you've grown old and blah. From wanted to be an artist, a writer, and an architect,
I decided to go ahead with Anthropology. McGill's requirements is just getting a 90 + in English. Fair enough.

I can't start doing my work for some reason. Sigh, the computer is truly a beautiful and evil God.


  1. My computer is being stupid and I can't see any of your photos! But I'll check back in a bit. I'm sure they are great.
    An Education looks so good!
    I was reading your profile, and we have the same taste in books! Have you ever read Dahl's short fiction for adults? My Uncle Oswald? I love the straightforward and playful tone that's in all his work. And I grew up with Harry Potter - I still actively look for Potter events in my town :)

    You're choosing courses for IB - so are you in grade 11? Or are you choosing the inversity courses equivalent to your IB exam grade? I'm in AP (advanced placement) at my school which works pretty much the same way.

    Thanks so much for your lovely comment on my blog!

  2. i recognized those photos instantly - mainly because im a die hard aritzia fan. i loveee !

    ps. i would love for you to enter my giveaway :)

    xx lue

  3. loving all the pics - great look xoxoox