Friday, January 01, 2010




Twenty. Ten.

Fuck yeah!

...and nooooooooooooooooooooooo..
2009 is done.
I'm getting older. Which is good and bad.
More work though as time goes by.

Resolutions ---> equals resolutions that I didn't do last year that I'm going to this year.

New Year's Resolutions 2009 --> 2010
- Let's see...I shall be fit. (Nonsense.) Eating healthy. (Even more nonsense)
- Don't Procrastinate! (HA!)
- Finish my personal project before December (Finished it, yes. But that unfortunately lead to breaking my resolution above)
- Get a new agenda (Well, from the school. Which I did, so phew. Though WOW I didn't lose it...yet)
-Don't lose anything! (Didn't so year in the new school year technically, so that's...good?)
-Reduce my time on the computer (Lies. Though this time I only used the computer for a long time was purely for the purpose of school work.)
-Keep up with my blog (somewhat lies?)
- Review like a mad woman (LIES)
-Work on SAT group (Meh. I thought it was too soon. Probably 2010...O wait that's this year)
-Reduce text message (Whatever psh. I don't even know why I put this as a resolution. Texting is hard to resist.)

For The Year two-thousand and ten

- This time I'll try and be more fit and eat healthy
- This time I will not procrastinate...hopefully
- Likewise, I'll promise myself again not to lose anything :]
- Keep up with the blog ; ]
- Review even more than a mad woman can ;P
- Work on SAT Prep....>_>
- Do not get distracted
- Try not getting numerous fines from either the public or the school library
- Don't waste 59348579847 hours in the shower
- Take more action for my responsibilities
- Be more involved

And yeah...have fun ;)

My New Year's Eve Dress wasn't that extravagant, considering I bought it for ten bucks @ Winners (Canada's Ross store you can say). Boring, only because I wasn't allowed to be with friends. Though I guess this photo could be convincing, since my sister looks absolutely nothing like me >.>
Hung out @ the parking lot with our fam-jam friend at some plaza hoping that Wild wings was opened. Just our luck.
Watched some sketch guys go in and out of Pizza Pizza. Predicting if they were going to party or if their New Year's was just watching some movie and drink we did.

Now it's a beginning of a new year, and I must admit, I'm pretty damn ecstatic about it.


Post Script; Couple Christmas photos. Gives me some nostalgia of what I look forward to every year :)



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