Thursday, December 03, 2009

Dec. 5

I thought I'd commence my whole december blogging today...

only because I forgot.
I mean, come on! That whole Tiger Woods thing was just THAT distracting.

The pressure of school is like being cooped up in my room with nothing but time and work to worry about.

It's December.
I still feel the same way.
Though it makes me appreciate weekends much, much more.

Gee, I guess all I really have to worry about is all the math I have to catch up on, my history project which I should start designing {a Barbie Doll}, start reviewing for the second history test, complete some science physics graphing...nonsense, and yeah, that's all I really have.

I'm glad I can keep reading though. I've recently been reading a lot more short stories. They're written so beautifully in my opinion and their themes are amazingly presented.

My ├╝ber-juvenile room needs some thing on the walls. Besides Heath Ledger ;)

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