Saturday, July 25, 2009

He wore his innocence like a comfortable old coat.

I don't know why, all of a sudden, I ended up reading four, five books at once.

One based on med school kids entering the hectic lives in the ER.
One so satirical, he planned this novel to actually become a satirical politician himself.
One I kind of forgot was the 5th book in the series, not the 2nd book.
Lastly [not lastly?] is Lovely Bones.

Go figure, it's becoming a movie, and is eagerly hoping to become an oscar blockbuster as well, with the cast their planning to use for the movie.

I remember when the book came out. 2004ish I suppose. I sister was reading it, wouldn't
dare let me read, let alone touch it. Whatever.

I never liked reading.
But I read the first chapter.
Because I still loved to spite.
The book is different from all other youthful books I realized. Quack.
Explores something beautiful, much more insightful then Speak. Speak was though, more realistic, so kudos for that ;).
Besides such, I have an urge to see HP 3-D Imax. Never seen a major motion picture in IMAX. Except something about the sea, and no not The Little Mermaid :(

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