Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Dashboard Melted but I Still Have The Radio

Yay for Feb the 14th being on a Saturday!
No school dance at my school. Yeah, we don't really much care for them.
Nonetheless this week, is, was, is going to be the end, of spirit week.
Monday was wearing school colours. Tuesday was twin day. Wednesday was Waldo day (lolz I switched Tuesday and Wednesday..not even knowing it >_>) Thursday is..was "thumbs-up" day. And tomorrow is streetlight day: wear green if you're single. Yellow if confused. Red if you are taken.
Ah and the wonderment of mathematics. 
The fact that it was just a quiz is saddening enough.
The fact that almost everyone of my friends is so friggin good at math to try out for the math contest.
Joined lacrosse. As usual, when I heard about their first tryouts, I was scared shitless. But now, there are more freshmans that'll make the older kids clench their fists in their mouths.
Finally, I know how to catch and throw a ball. Scooping needs a little more work(running like the wind and scooping <_<)
The long weekend. Valentine's, and now a Family Day on Monday (for Canada anywho... probably an excuse for a holiday since US has President's Day that Monday lmfao)
A funny conversation after school.
Aaron: You watch anime?
Asma: Yeah. I love Bleach.
(continued convo of anime and manga)
F: (to me) Oh my God. I'm Asian, and I don't even watch this kind of stuff. This is sad.
I gotta say. That was pretty funny. Specially in a school like mine where I'd say half..or more than 1/3 of the population watches anime or whatever.

And the fact that she might be the only Asian in my school who doesn't watch it.

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