Saturday, January 17, 2009

Rhymenoceros & Hiphopopotamus

Ever watched Flight of the Concords?

It's a New Zealand comedy TV series (also on HBO) about these two Zealander guys and their life in New York City as they try and get gigs with their rock band.
It's so hilarious. I heard about it from one of counsellors at the summer camp I attended last summer. We started watching the first episode and it's funny. They sing at least two songs in each episode and the lyrics are verrh funny. I'm on the third episode of season one right now...and I'm watching it while completing my assignment >_> O well...multitasking can work


  1. yeah it's sunday now =)

    flight of the concords are genius. i'm a new zealander so yay for me, well... i'm asian but my citizenship is kiwi hahaha.

  2. yay to Kiwi-A-GoGo-Land :D
    has it's verrh genius.