Friday, January 30, 2009

Recommencing the commencement

A New year. Sort of. 

Right at the end of the January.

Got to school on time. Staying at my first semester classes for 15 minutes tops. It was alright, I guess. I'm hoping, praying, that I got an 80 or above average. That's all.

In grade nine, you're not supposed to over-achieve. As much anyway for some. Heck, even my Asian science teacher (and the only one to say this actually out of all my semester one teachers) that grade nine is not a big deal when it comes to exams. Worry in grade 11 and 12. FINALLY!
If only my parentals understood. At least my mumzeh anyway <_<.
Semester two commenced afterwards. Only 55 minutes, but it felt like a drag. Jeez it wasn't even an hour and 15 minutes yet apathy oozed from my brain to my bones. 
Math...alright, I guess. Math's not my forte though, and I have a feeling I'm reeaallly going to struggle with this. Uptight teacher, forget her name >_> only because she became my class' teacher last minute. Started integers, and is still confuzzled. Dammit, I must look back on grade eight notes.
History...geez my teacher can talk. A lot. Heard from my friends she is strict and a hard marker. But she's fair. And nice. Fair enough. Just have to pay attention.
Geography...jeez effing fjofihoi I actually dreamed this class would be a disaster. I arrived just in the nick of time with a couple of my friends and took our seats. Once we arrived, this guy was about to come him, but the teacher--Miller--shut the door (A guy by the way). ANYwho, the guy kept knocking on the door. First banging it actually. And of course, Miller acted like a bitch with his i'm-the-boss motives and let him in after 20 minutes. Afterwards, he asked "Can you read maps." None of us bothered to answer as he whipped out our seating plan on the overhead. "Go to your assigned seats NOW." We did what we were told. What the hell. As we sat in our places he spat "WRONG. GO TO YOUR ASSIGNED SEATS." Blah. We were confuzzled. Couple minutes later, one student asked "Which way is north?" And Miller drew a compass, which later on we figured out was random. "GO." He said. Finally, another student figured out what north was behind the classroom because that's where the North Hall building was located. "THAT'S IT. NO GO."Jeez lahweez. So when we finally reached our correct seats, he said "OBVIOUSLY YOU GUYS DON'T KNOW GEOGRAPHY. HAHAHA." s
Photography...Teacher's alright. Everything's good...except DWs. Those was journals...that are pretty much like essays. Plus there has to be illustrations etc. PHWOAR. We have to do them three times a week. And it can't be about things we learned in class, but other crap. >_> It's counts for 20% of our final mark.
*SIGH* Tis' Friday. Boys are up top of the snowhill. And I'm having my dinner. =P

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