Monday, December 15, 2008

Days 14 & 15: The Penultimate Peril

I admit.I stole that form Lemony Snicket.Whatever.
That's how my life has been, and is, and will be, during this week, up till Friday..around 11:30 I presume.
Day 1 of the practicals is done and a gonner. Tomorrow's the essay, so I'll look over some info from bio and physics. Definitely not chemistry. Wayy to much information that I'll need to keep track of for the next day.French was a near disaster. I would've said complete disaster if it weren't for my luck in this assignment. My French class was split into groups of three and each person form the group had to write one paragraph for the letter (a formal one btw). Because one my group members was sick last Friday, it was just me and my friend, Hane. Of course, the worse thing to do besides procrastinating is completely forgetting about it and remembering it on the day it is due. I had to lie to my teacher saying she must not have given me my original copy of my paragraph (on Friday she took our written paragraphs to photocopy and gave it back to us at the end. I know she gave it back to me but I don't where it is...). I seriously thought she would discern my deception, instead she surmised that someone else might have taken my original copy without knowing it. PHEW! Evil yes, in the sense that I didn't confess. But now i realize, how evil IB is. What it can do. How you'll do anything,
anything to get the best mark. Sometimes going to an extent, where psychosis takes the best of you.I promised to myself never to lie again. Ugh, I even received a stupid omen. Apparently tomorrow we need to conjugate mentir(guess what that means!)

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